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Werkbezoeken 2016

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Matagalpa, augustus 2016 Que te vaya bien

Vanuit Nederland heb ik de eer om een terugblik te schrijven over mijn tijd in Matagalpa. Jullie hebben een verhaal mogen lezen van mijn eerste week. Vandaag... maak ik het verhaal compleet.IMG 3983

Het werk bij Las Hormiguitas was de reden waarom ik naar Nicaragua ben gegaan. In het vorige verhaal schreef ik over de mobiele school en de gedrevenheid van de kinderen. Tot op de dag van vandaag heeft dat veel indruk op me gemaakt. De meeste kinderen van de Hormiguitas

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Matagalpa, juli 2016 Floor bij de Hormiguitas


Buenos dias,

via deze weg neem ik jullie graag mee naar mijn ervaringen in Matagalpa. Ik zal me kort voorstellen: mijn naam is Floor Noijen en ben 22 jaar oud. Via Hans en Leontien, die eerder in Matagalpa zijn geweest, kwam ik in contact met Miranda van der Klaauw en Frans Couwenberg. Miranda en Frans hebben me uitgelegd wat de Stedenband Tilburg-Matagalpa inhoudt en dit sprak me erg aan. Snel werd duidelijk dat ik het meest geïnteresseerd was in het project met straatkinderen. Ik had al langer de wens om buiten Europa vrijwilligerswerk te doen en ervaringen op te doen... En nu, een aantal maanden later,....

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Terug in Tilburg 27 april - Twee zinvolle weken in Matagalpa

door Toon Oomen

Van 6 tot en met 23 april ben ik als projectondersteuner actief geweest in de regio Matagalpa. Allereerst begeleidde ik de monitoring mee van de delegatie van de onderwijsbond AOb en International Education, die in La Dalia samen met de onderwijsvakbond Anden een groots project aan het realiseren zijn, gericht op grotere deelname van kinderen aan het onderwijs en dus tégen schooluitval en kinderarbeid.

Daarnaast ben ik op bezoek geweest in het stadje Matiguás in het departement Matagalpa, waar zo mogelijk de schooluitval nóg groter is, om samen met Anden te onderzoeken wat hiertegen te doen. Het voorstel om net als in enkele andere plattelandsgemeenten een scholingscursus te geven viel in goede aarde.IMG 3275 1

Naast onderwijs heeft ook economische ontwikkeling een belangrijke plaats in het werk van de Stedenband Tilburg-Matagalpa. Hiervoor heeft de koffiewerkgroep van de Stedenband een bedrag bijeengebracht voor arme koffieboeren in en rond San Ramón, een dorp op een steenworp afstand van Matagalpa. Deze boeren zijn georganiseerd in coöperaties en bij drie van die coöperaties komt deze ondersteuning terecht.

Zoals het er nu naar uitziet, gaat er hard gewerkt worden aan de realisering van deze zeer zinvolle projecten. Neem contact op met de Stedenband voor méér informatie of als je ook iets wilt doen.

Tilburg 21 april - Bezoek aan een AZC

An afternoon in Oisterwijk

door Ariel Peña Martínez
bestuurslid Comité Mano Vuelta

Located 15 km from Fontys Pabo, between environments that coexists with the green of nature, there is a center that caters to children and adolescents who are children of the hundreds of refugees in the Netherlands, from many countries living insecurity and conflicts such as in Syria and Eritrea, to name two countries, but there are many more.
Since before, entering must pass through the visitor center, where police personnel takes control of persons accessing this local, and identify themselves with passport or foreign national ballots.
At the entrance, a sign invites all visitors: Please, speak only in Dutch. This is to encourage children to become familiar with the language. Many of these children profess the Muslim religion; others are Christians who are also persecuted in their countries. You see on their faces an almost lost joy, but gradually, thanks to the teachers, they recovered the child spirit.DSCN6047

We observed two classes, one of them was grooming, they taught to correctly use the brush and oral hygiene. The teacher, very dedicated and dynamic, had placed a robe dentist and through a model of the teeth, and a giant brush explained systematically procedure. They then moved to a reading class through strategies and invited him to recognize elements of the medium.
The next class was the teaching of the magnet as a strategy to teach the Dutch language, played through a bowl made of carton and with figures of fish that had adhered metal so that they shall fish them a cane where it was at the end, a magnet. This seems simple, but many of them do not speak a common language and are learning Dutch through this technique.
In another room, the children watched a video of a few comic characters who taught water as a medium of entertainment, image appeared on a water slide and exclamations of admiration did not wait in the lounge.

Undoubtedly, it is a very special moment, which demonstrates the enormous solidarity hearts of the brothers of Tilburg and the Netherlands.

Tilburg 20 april - 'Uitstapje' naar Oisterwijk

The Magical Bird: A school in a chapel

door Ariel Peña Martínez
bestuurslid Comité Mano Vuelta

The school Tovervogel, means Magical Bird, is a school of fusion. In the past, there were two schools, Merlin and the Swallow and these schools were formerly Our Lady and St. Aloysius ter Linde.
The Children invented the name of the magical bird and is the result of the merger of these two schools (Swallow and Merlin) resulting in a fun and imaginative way. The school is located in Oisterwijk, located in the Noord-Brabant region about 8 km and a half Tilburg. We were greeted by Sjannie Spijkers, Director of the Center and explained the characteristics of the center.
It is impressive to us as Latinos, imagine that churches are closed here in Tilburg but the successful conclusion is that these are reused as churches or shelters, in the case of Tovervogel home too many children.DSCN5980

Teachers are delivered with professionalism to their work, and supported by electronic whiteboards, combining technologies and develop a group exercise environment among students.
A gym for sports activities, comfortable classrooms and acclimated with many graphics that invite learning.
We talked with practitioner’s students about their aspirations to be a teacher, and always they´
re delivered very hard following the recommendations of their coach Fontys Pabo.
It was a very refreshing innocence tomorrow but seriously, that children assume their role of students in this magical world of Tovervogel.

Tilburg 15 april - Bezoek aan Jenaplan school

Jeanne d´Arc

door Ariel Peña Martínez
bestuurslid Comité Mano Vuelta

Joan of Arc school is unique, we might think that bearing the name of a martyr of the fifteenth century French Catholic, taken in its emblem a cross, a sword, or other emblem used by the warrior; but it's not like that. Its logo is a four-leaf clover.
It works under the Jenaplan method, whose most striking features of this method are multiple degrees that are mixed into one, in Nicaragua we called multigrade. Furthermore, it is important independence with teamwork. In this method the celebration, work and play is central.
The school principal, graciously offered us a tour of the facilities and have observed the Top Class integrates students from elementary schools 7 or 8 schools receive these additional language classes because of their language deficiency. After a year Top Class can usually attend a primary form of VMBO-T or higher. The emphasis is on vocabulary, spelling and reading comprehension. In addition, it also includes the world orientation and is run by very dynamic teacher and the group is very entertaining is obtained.DSCN5937

A colorful mural and large, plasma therein, flora and fauna of Nicaragua, in the imagination of children, although two of them did not conceive without hippo fauna and penguins, which do not exist in the Central American tropics. However, they look very pretty.
Later, a young teacher who performs his Fontys practices, aimed at children with a lot of sweetness in her math class. According tells his tutor, he suggested, make changes in their treatment of children and she had to change her strong character, a friendly face. The results were almost instantaneous, children appreciate it more, perform activities designed by the teacher and find that they want very much.
At the end of the day, we saw the great work done by teachers and school administrative staff Jeanne d'Arc. Note that also serve refugee children from countries such as Poland, Eritrea and Syria.


Tilburg 14 april - Kijken door de ogen van een Nica

Everything flows: A day at the partner school

door Ariel Peña Martínez
bestuurslid Comité Mano Vuelta

Panta Rhei, (means "everything flows") is a twinned school in Matagalpa for more than 25 years ago, during our visit we were greeted by staff who have maintained that appreciation for many years by the Nicaraguan city.DSCN5671
We had the opportunity to observe different educational environments, first visited a group of children 10 and 11 years, the teacher went over the contents studied and presented the contents for next week, this through a graph made more understandable guidance then they formed into groups and began work on an assigned time measured by a clock. We have observed that the dosage over time is paramount in the Dutch education, since it is possible to make the most of this for better development of the theme to develop.
Frans, explained to children, teachers and parents the reason for our visit, and one of them

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Tilburg 10 april - Onder de indruk van onderwijsmethodes

The path of the daffodils, a pleasant route to Tilburg Fontys Pabo

Door Ari Peña Martinez
Bestuurslid Comité Mano Vuelta, Matagalpa

Tilburg, Ringbaan Zuid Avenue, is unique, on its boulevard grow wild yellow daffodils, giving it a sensational touch to the grey landscape that usually paints the day in Tilburg. It is still strange, say many places in the city, we are in spring and isolated showers, low temperatures and all believe it is due to climate change is affecting the seasons in Europe and around the world.
Many people take the streets to go to work in their cars and bicycles; others take advantage of the morning jogging.
Most of the population care of your health leaves much to walk, or care much discipline your diet that is healthy and low in calories.
Sites smokers, draws attention in public places, and Fontys Pabo, there are red lines which still enjoy a cigarette should respect, and even more, there is a plastic bucket, where eight people reach to exhale and snuff enjoy their cigarettes.
On days Fontys Pabo, we have had the opportunity to observe math classes and theater, so we have graciously shared with Frank Hutjes and Karin Hartjes, the issue of class organization and they explained through a diagram, the successfully employing in Holland.IMG 3239

Later, Isabelle Diepstraten with the master Wietse van der Linden, shared research topic in the curriculum. The novelty is that students from Pabo do not present the results in front of a jury, but

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Matagalpa 9 april - Schooluitval NEE!

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Tilburg 6 april - Docenten Matagalpa maken kennis met onderwijs in Tilburg

From the tropics to Tilburg

door Ari Peña Martínez
Bestuurslid Comité Mano Vuelta, Matagalpa

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Tilburg, Netherland. Gray skies for hours, cooling temperatures of 14 ° C, trees with the first flowers of spring, city walking with clockwork precision. Friendly, sheltered, bike to work a few days ago as I watched people like Mr. Mario Jacobs, vice mayor of Tilburg mobilize their own transportation. No sounds of horn of the car, if I have seen two police officers in six days has been much. This is Tilburg, thanks to Stedenband Tilburg-Matagalpa has received us with great kindness, respect and above all solidarity.
These days we have witnessed my colleague Jolman Lopez and myself, at the invitation of Stedenband Tilburg-Matagalpa and Fontys Pabo Tilburg, where, develop a varied program and much exchange of topics such as teaching Practice Group Organization and Research.

20160404 103457On Monday, we received the welcome of the authorities of Pabo Tilburg, Astrid Venes, Ronald Keurentjes, Esther Deb, Trudy Cortenbach and Karin Hartjes. Very kindly explained to us the agenda to develop and then took a tour of the facilities.

Past noon, we went to the town of Tilburg, where was already waiting with his friendly face Mr. Mario Jacobs, vice mayor of the city and welcomed us and

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